Archville Fire Department has three chief's cars, two fire engines, and a horse drawn hand pumper from 1890, which serves as a department antique

Archville Fire Department

Scarborough fire district - new york

How to join...

  • Engine 236 / 2010
  • Engine 235 / 1992
  • Chief's car 2631
  • 1st Asst Chief's car 2632
  • 2nd Asst Chief's car 2633

Hubert W. Mannerly was the first chief when the company chartered in 1909. Its first headquarters was a shed on the corner of Union Street and Albany Post Road (current Route 9). 

If you live in the district or nearby towns, please consider volunteering at Archville Fire Department. Free training is provided.

There are many ways to help! Give us a call or fill out the form in Contact Us page to find out more.